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Austin Grisham

76 Designer Ping Pong Paddle

76 Designer Ping Pong Paddle

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Quantity: 1 Paddle
Rubber type: Smooth Rubber

In the 70s, ping pong was hot. And we don't just mean Elizabeth Taylor hot, we're talking Coke can be stuck in a volcano hot. Frying an egg on your forehead hot.  What we are saying is that in the 70's, ping pong was the bee's knees and no one was cooler than the '76 ping pong world team. This tasty design is a retro homage to those glorious days.


The designer paddles will be printed in smooth rubber to highlight the intricacies of the design. The Uberpong™ blade is the ultimate recreational ping pong paddle. Our blades are assembled entirely in the USA. Uberpong™ designer and custom Paddle are printed utilizing high-quality ink while our orange edgebanding is unique to Uberpong™, creating a striking style while ensuring the beautiful designs remain the key aesthetic focus.
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