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Flipp'd Designer Ping Pong Paddle

Flipp'd Designer Ping Pong Paddle

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Rubber type: Smooth Rubber

Jesse Greene, better known to some as artist Dense83, depicts the essence of real and raw culture by merging avant-guard techniques and mediums with refined and traditional graphic motifs and fine painting. 

Greene’s career in the visual arts began in 2000 when an Evanston Township High School fine arts teacher sparked his interest in graphic design and photography. His first solo show exhibited black and white photos taken at the Louvre in 2001, also his first year as a graphic design major at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Intrigued by the work of other local artists, in 2003 Greene tried his evidently eclectic hand at another medium: paint. His history as a multi-faceted craftsman speaks to the current work of Dense83, painted on canvas and found objects, which fuses the mediums of contemporary fashion photography, graffiti, crisp graphic aesthetics, mechanical line and vivid color. 

Almost a decade after his original endeavors with the photographic medium, the scope of painter Dense83’s feats span from participation in a range of solo and group artist shows and live-painting events to the single-handed planning and curating of multi-artist shows and creative events. The venues at which Dense83 has shown work range from suburban and city galleries, coffee houses, salons, community centers, theaters and performance spaces to bars, retail stores, and educational institutes; the likes of these include Chicago’s annual Lollapalooza and the historical Biograph Theatre and South Side Community Arts Center. Greene’s reputation as artist and curator capture the true essence of urban life and   touch parts of the cities he visits and the world. 


The designer paddles will be printed in smooth rubber to highlight the intricacies of the design. The designer paddles will be printed in smooth rubber to highlight the intricacies of the design. The Uberpong™ blade is the ultimate recreational ping pong paddle. Our blades are assembled entirely in the USA. Uberpong™ designer and custom Paddle are printed utilizing high-quality ink while our orange edgebanding is unique to Uberpong™, creating a striking style while ensuring the beautiful designs remain the key aesthetic focus.


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